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LOTR LCG Notebook Cover

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While I think that writing in-depth card features will continue to be my primary niche in the LOTR LCG community, but like Bilbo heading out his door at Bag End, I’m going to try venturing forth with some other types of content from time to time at the Master of Lore blog.

Some of you may have already noticed my thematic playthroughs where I’ve posted video sessions with my commentary of a couple deck vs. scenario combos that I think create particularly rich narratives.  I’m especially fond of my Songs Deck vs. Road to Rivendell.

Today, I’d just like to share the binder where I store my player cards.  After watching the clip below, help yourself to the low-res, high-res, and Photoshop files of my cover and spine images if you’d like to try something similar!

Storage Solutions

Click for a high resolution photo of my LOTR LCG collection (prior to Against the Shadow cycle)


  1. I do sphere hero ally attachment event, sorted by cost

    1. Cool, do you notice any interesting patterns sorting by cost?

  2. Not really. I started doing it when I didn’t know all the cards, so decking building was easier. But I like your order of release, I sorted my planes walkers like that when I played magic

  3. What size ring folder is that? And about how many of those card pages do you have in the folder?

    1. The binder is a 50mm A4 binder. I realized after posting that most folks in the US probably have US Letter rather than A4 size binders, so the dimensions on the cover and spine might not be perfect as A4 tends to be a bit longer and less wide than US Letter. Hopefully the templates can still be useful.

      Currently 38 pages hold all the cards, but I’ve heard Black Riders is shipping now! 😉

  4. Can you provide links to where you got the tray for the bits and card board storage box for the expansion decks?

    1. Thanks for your interest!

      I just picked up the tray for the counters at a local home supply shop, so I’m not sure what brand it is.

      The dividers are made from the AP boxes and I hope to post a video of how I make them when the Blood of Gondor is finally released!

  5. Any idea when you might have the instructions for us on how to make those nifty card dividers pictured above?

    1. Hey Kelly, I’m hoping to make another video as soon as my Blood of Gondor pack makes it to me here in Hong Kong so that I can show everyone directly. For now, I’ll just say that the dividers are simply cut from the packaging and slipped into a card sleeve. I needed to scan the saga and deluxe boxes to make similar sized dividers which I printed, glued to a manila folder, and cut out. The images for those dividers can be found on my Facebook page. Thanks for your interest!

  6. Do you put multiple copies of a card in each slot in the binder? Is it okay to do that?

    1. Yep, I’ve got all three copies of each card in a single slot and it seems to work fine. 🙂

  7. […] to demonstrate how I’ve made the encounter card dividers for the storage box I featured in my player card binder article.  Take a look at my short video below, then help yourself to this Dropbox folder with the custom […]

  8. I love the look of the cards in a binder but, to me, it then becomes a display and slows down my ability to actually play with the cards. I have deck ADD and change my decks too rapidly to have this be practical.

    1. “Deck ADD”? I think that I may suffer from the same condition! I put all the cards back into the binder for the video, but usually I’ve got a few decks made as well as a stack of jumbled player cards that have become a “side board” as I’m making swaps between playthroughs. Once my “side board” gets to be around 50 cards or so, I sort them out and stick them back in the binder and the process begins once more!

  9. Do you keep your cards unsleeved in the binder? I’m switching from storing sleeved cards in a box to storing them in binder pages, but can’t decide whether to unsleeve them first.

    1. Yes, no sleeves in the binder as my sleeves are too big to fit. It does make for a fair amount of sleeving and unsleeving cards though when I change up my decks!

  10. Ah here it is! I need something like this for my ring binder – though I think I’ll need two binders now as we’re up to Grey Havens and after only sorting out two spheres so far I already feel that the folder is going to be too bulky with three (maybe I can squeeze neutrals in there! :P) The art templates will be most useful though!

    1. Awesome! My binder is now a bit too full so I’m thinking to get a second as well. Glad the template is helpful!

      1. Yeah definitely needed two – they’re pretty packed with everything to date in terms of player cards. Everything to do with encounters and quests are in the official boxes. Still room in the folders for the rest of the cycle and maybe more.

      2. When you divide into two binders, how will you split the cards? Divide the spheres between the binders, or just start adding new cards to the new binder?

      3. I’m actually just starting to ask myself that same question. I think the first thing I’m going to do is put the heroes in a separate binder. Then I might move Tactics sphere to that binder as well since it is the one I use least. Any suggestions?

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