Encounter Card Dividers

Storage Box with DividersFor some time here, I thought the “Blood of Gondor” had failed and was spent and forgotten.  But finally, months after fortunate GenCon attendees were able to get their hands on the latest adventure pack of the “Against the Shadow” cycle, I’ve finally got my chance to take on the mysterious Black Númenorean and his malevolent band of ally-hating Orc Ambushers!

More importantly for readers of this blog, however, I’ve finally had an intact AP box with which to demonstrate how I’ve made the encounter card dividers for the storage box I featured in my player card binder article.  Take a look at my short video below, then help yourself to this Dropbox folder with the custom divider art that I created for the core set, saga and deluxe expansions, and print-on-demand scenarios which did not come in the same type of packaging.

Here are a couple images of the custom dividers that I made on Photoshop.  Again, you can find the rest on my Facebook page or in this Dropbox folder.  You can also download this large JPEG file with all seven images on an A3 page for easy printing.  Now if I could just get the nightmare decks and “The Black Riders”, the collection would be complete!

Massing at Osgiliath DividerHeirs of Numenor Divider_________________________________________________________________________



  1. TalesfromtheCards · · Reply

    Good stuff, this game has made me nerd out over storage solutions. I really like your solution, but I have a weird psychological block that prevents me from cutting up the boxes. I came close one time, but just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

    1. Heh heh, I was the same way for quite a while (being quite fastidious about my hobbies). But the boxes were piling up and I decided that I either needed to toss them or store them somehow!

  2. What are the dice for?

    1. I use the green d20 as the progress counter and the red and blue for keeping track of the staging threat and my questing willpower respectively (so I don’t have to go back and recount so often). The d6’s are for miscellany such as keeping track of X on Drúadan archers, defense on my Harbor Masters, and other frequently adjusted values that are easy to forget.

  3. Funny, i have been doing the same thing with my boxes too. Looks real nice when complete in the storage box. The ones you put together for the expansions look great.

    1. Thanks Tracker1, I figured I couldn’t be the only one!

  4. Thanks for making these! One question: I’ve downloaded the files from your dropbox, but what is the right size/dimension to print them at? When I print preview an individual file it takes up the whole page.

  5. Dr. Biddix · · Reply

    Are you still doing these? I would love to update my box with the latest expansion images.

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