Thematic Playthroughs #1-4

Nobody likes me. 😦

Greetings fellow questers and welcome to my latest thematic playthrough of our beloved Lord of the Rings LCG.  If you think that our game’s very first scenario “Passage Through Mirkwood” is too easy, that’s only because you haven’t tried to defeat it with a deck containing both Spirit Pippin and Fatty Bolger, two of the most thoroughly and justifiably maligned heroes released to date.

In this video, I take on Ungoliant’s Spawn with my mono-Spirit Hobbit deck which exemplifies the Pippin play style, described by FFG as “a fascination with things he hasn’t seen before.”  I’m running a few Hobbit and mono-Spirit cards that don’t often see much play in the power decks and yet are quite fun to play if you have a quest that doesn’t kick you in the teeth repeatedly like “Peril in Pelargir” or “Siege of Cair Andros”.

Yes, I make some mistakes with shadow cards on the Dol Guldur Beastmaster and forget to discard a Silvan Refugee at one point (and probably other errors that I hope you’ll catch!), but this game was still an awesome ride and has a brilliantly epic conclusion that you won’t want to miss.  So grab your Hobbit Pipe, pack a Good Meal, and prepare to become a Small Target.  The Spirit sphere Hobbits are passing through Mirkwood!

Hobbit Spirit Deck ListFor my YouTube playthroughs, I always try to use decks that fit thematically with the chosen scenario and provide images and commentary with the video that highlight Tolkien’s lore and the narrative aspect of play.  Check out my previous Master of Lore Thematic Playthroughs below!

#3 “Tra-la-la-lally” Song Deck vs. Road to Rivendell

Tralalalally Deck List#2 “Dáin-less Dwarves” vs. Into the Pit

Super Thorin Deck Shot#1 “Gondor Deck” vs. The Steward’s Fear

Deck List


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  2. […] but often whiffed with resulting in some disastrous effects.  If I had only had a Silver Lamp on this thematic playthrough, things may have gone differently for me!  The most useful play though is probably in a […]

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