Encounter Card Dividers Update #1

IMG_0553IMG_0554It’s been a little while since I’ve had time to properly organize my storage box for my encounter cards but this weekend I’ve gotten a chance to dust off the flatbed scanner and open up Photoshop to create dividers for the latest expansion boxes and print-on-demand scenarios.  For all you completionists out there, I’m sorry that I only have three of the Nightmare decks as I find that when I want to make an old quest more challenging, I’d rather try a thematic deck than brutalize myself with 10 threat locations!

For more on how I’ve created these, check out my previous article on this storage solution.  If you’d like to download the images, they can be found on my Facebook page or in this Dropbox folder.  A Photoshop template (currently featuring the Heirs of Númenor images) is also available if you’d like to use it to make dividers for the other Nightmare decks or your own custom scenarios.  Time to bring on the Ring-Maker Cycle and finish filling out this box!

Click for larger view.

Click for larger view.

The Stone of Erech DividerThe Voice of Isengard Divider



  1. Tonskillitis · · Reply

    Interesting arrangement – looks quite compact. Do you have a separate box or binder for your player cards or are they stowed in the Ultra Pro deck boxes? I could do with doing something like this. I need to get rid of some of those bulky expansion boxes…

    1. I play without sleeving the encounter cards which is why it’s a pretty compact collection.

      I do sleeve the player cards though (otherwise Test of Will would be getting pretty dogeared by now) and store them in a binder like this: https://masteroflore.wordpress.com/2013/09/14/player-card-binder/

      Turning the AP boxes into dividers has been an awesome way to save them and save space. Good luck wrangling your cards!

  2. I love your storage idea! Also, thank you for the files, they’re beautiful. For the AP did you just use an exact-o knife to take off the unnecessary parts of the box? Looks like the AP pack might be sleeved as well.

    Thank you again!

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