The Dúnedain: From Elros to Aragorn

The chart below is something I created as a companion piece for my feature article on the history of The Lost Realm. The numbers in the flags before certain names indicate which king the character was in order of ruling their kingdom. It is mind-boggling to think that Aragorn was descended over 6000 years from the line of Elros and married Arwen, the daughter of Elrond to restore “the long-sundered branches of the Half-elven.” Click the image for a high resolution version. Enjoy!

The Dúnedain of Middle-earth


  1. This is a great infographic! These genealogies can be confusing.

    1. Until I make a chart myself, I can never actually understand the genealogies very well. This started as an aid just for myself, but once I saw the symmetry it was too beautiful not to share!

  2. One can understand Aragorn’s hesitation to accept Arwen’s love. 3000 years older! It does make for an odd couple. Thanks for making that complexe family easier to understand. MOL, always a fine theme-riche read.

    1. Reading through Aragorn and Arwen’s tale in Appendix A (v) makes a lot more sense to me now that I realize he is descended from Elronds’ twin brother. They are an odd couple indeed!

      1. Qaanaaq · ·

        Well, its 41 generations….there is a huge possibility that your partner and you have a closer common ancestor that Aragorn and Arwen.

  3. […] Check out the visual chart I made to go along with this article showing the passing of the line of Dúnedain over 6000 years […]

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