Thematic Playthrough #6: Deadmen’s Dike

Anyone who had been following this blog knows how eagerly I was awaiting the Angmar Awakened cycle. Imagine my sadness then that my shipment of The Lost Realm was lost at sea just like the last king of the North! At long last though, I have secured a copy and the time to play and it has not left me disappointed.

Today, I want to share my playthrough of the last scenario in the deluxe box — “Deadmen’s Dike”. I explain the theme and strategy of my deck in the video below, so I’ll just post an image of the deck list, cards, and stats before encouraging you to sit back and enjoy the journey of “Cousin Hal’s Heroes” to the haunted fortress of Fornost in crystal clear 1080p.

Cousin Hal's Heroes Deck ScreenshotDeadmensDikeDeck
Cousin Hals Heroes Stats


  1. It’s nice that you wrote a short strategy description. 🙂
    Maybe I’ll get to this video after I actually play this quest.

    1. Thanks Alan, where are you in the sequence? Glad to know I’m not the only one who is enjoying the game a few months off the latest releases!

      1. Don’t worry. I’ve had the scenario since it came out but I’ve been playing two-handed and struggling with this quest.

        I might try it solo just for my own self-esteem.

  2. Great playthrough. The commentary really made this.

    1. Thanks for watching!

      If you are interested in checking out my previous episodes, you can see the evolution of my style (filming, editing, and commentating):

  3. Tonskillitis · · Reply

    Another entertaining video, sir. I really admire your approach to the lore and the game- I was especially intrigued to find out where the designers came up with the idea for the quest (I’m particularly amused by the idea of wraith leaving a trail for rangers to track- looking forward to the coming MOL article on wraith footprints in Tolkien!). And of course, congratulations for your glorious victory against what can be a tricky adventure. Could a Hal Gamgee ally with ent synergy be in the pipeline?

    1. Thanks for watching and commenting Tonskillitis!

      I am looking forward to some more unique Hobbit allies, ala Farmer Maggot, and think that Hal Gamgee would be a great one, perhaps with some Ent-fetching ability (take any one Ent card into hand?) that would accelerate the deck.

      Time to follow those wraith tracks across the Wastes of Eriador to find where Thaurdir is taking Iârion!

  4. Matt Duckworth · · Reply

    Nice! It took me like 20 tries to beat this one 2 handed, and only then with a very well timed patH of need that swung the game. Tough quest!

    1. I would say that I was definitely in that ballpark as well, as I kept tweaking and switching decks to find something that works. Although I didn’t have it in this deck, I’ve really enjoyed Path of Need and remember it being the only reason I was finally able to beat The Three Trials solo. Thanks for the comment!

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