Azain Silverbeard


My pleasant surprise at realizing that Brok Ironfist actually has a name rich in Tolkienian lore has now been matched by disappointment that our latest unique FFG-created Dwarf ally, Azain Silverbeard, appears to have no grounding in the Professor’s work. The prefix ‘Az-‘ may mean ‘war axe’ (related to our English word ‘adze’) which is fitting for Azain’s mighty prowess in battle, but otherwise the only ‘silver beard’ in Tolkien’s work belongs to Gandalf. While Azain is obviously a stronger card (just check out this zany Azain deck from the inimitable Seastan), old Brok remains closer to the source text. Khazad! Khazad!


“Khazad-dûm Text Maze” by Avogel57

Card Info: Flight of the Stormcaller #4

Artist: Marius Bota


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