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Narvi’s Belt

Elves and Dwarves.  They are the Hatfields and McCoys of Middle-earth.  Their grudge match runs deeper than the Yankees versus the Red Sox, features more characters than DC versus Marvel, and has more products in dispute than Apple versus Samsung.  Their selective recollection of history brings to mind Israel and Palestine while their rivalry has […]

Movie Review: The Desolation of Smaug

Like many of you, I’ve been thoroughly entertained by the bombastic spectacle of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug this weekend.  As a regular listener of the Tolkien Professor’s “Riddles in the Dark” podcast, I’ve also enjoyed seeing how Peter Jackson’s writing team has tackled the unique challenge of adapting The Hobbit to the screen […]

Artist Spotlight: Ben Zweifel

In addition to exploring Tolkien’s lore and thematic play, one of my goals at Master of Lore has been to showcase the fantastic artwork that has been produced for The Lord of the Rings LCG.  To this end, I’ve reached out to a few of the artists we’ve featured and included some of their comments […]

Old Forest Road

There is nothing quite like the feeling of the first step of any grand adventure.  The first day of a new job or new school year; loading up the suitcase for a flight or road trip to a new destination; or, in the case of our beloved collectible game, ripping the plastic off a fresh […]


Amidst a rhyming mass of Dwarves, he is one of the few members of Thorin’s Company for which Tolkien actually wrote a distinguishable role in The Hobbit.  Even so, he’s been given much less attention by both FFG and Peter Jackson than many other Dwarves with smaller parts.  He is one of only three Dwarves […]

Boots from Erebor

…in metalwork we cannot rival our fathers, many of whose secrets are lost. — Gloin, Many Meetings But how about boots? The flavor text from Boots from Erebor doesn’t go anywhere near the Lonely Mountain. It is taken from the prologue “Concerning Hobbits” and reminds us that, yes, some hobbits wore boots. Not just any […]

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