The Edain of Middle-Earth

With the announcement that we will be returning to the Wilderlands of the West in the our next deluxe expansion The Wilds of Rhovanion, it appears we are finally going to get some long-awaited development for the Dale trait. But these Bardings are not the only Men of the Wilderlands. Who are they and how they are related to the other Edain of Middle-earth?


My diagram below shows notable Men of the Three Houses of the Edain from the First Age, as well as the probable line of descent of the Third Age Men of the Rhovanion. The custom cards of these Men of legend are taken from Ian’s excellent custom First Age expansion which can be browsed in full at his website.

You may prefer to view an HTML version of this diagram with hot links connecting the characters with card images to their pages at Hall of Beorn. Stay tuned for more content exploring the Wilds of Rhovanion as we anticipate our next deluxe expansion!

LOTR LCG Houses of Men

Click for high resolution version.

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  1. […] All of these men, those in the Vale of Anduin on the west of the great forest, and those to the east of the forest were of some related kin which includes the Rohirrim, the Beornings, the Woodmen, and those of Lake-town and Dale but also those of the Kingdom of Rhovanion. To read a bit more about the Edain and men in general check out this article by Master of Lore here: […]

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