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Special Feature: The Others

Derek recently brought to my attention a cool idea posted by user Ozil23 on the FFG forums, and I couldn’t resist falling down the rabbit hole.  In short, what if our duplicate versions of unique characters aren’t actually the same person, but rather other people from other eras of Tolkien’s legendarium with the same name?  […]

Blood of Númenor

Many thanks to the Master of Lore for publishing my guest post here, and thanks to you for reading it! Timely as well, since I got the whole shipprekk/shipwreck thing sorted out. I shall skip the introductions and get right to it. This game, in its way, appeals to us lore nerds because it has, […]

The Eagles Are Coming!

Among the most intriguing and misunderstood creatures in the Tolkien legendarium are the Great Eagles.  Are they working as Gandalf’s personal chauffeur?  Or are they a general Middle-earth taxi service with a moth for a receptionist?  And regardless, aren’t the Eagles a lazy deus ex machina contrivance employed by a professor who was a better […]

Ungoliant’s Spawn

One of the recurring themes in Tolkien’s legendarium is that history, if not repeating, at least rhymes. Everything that happens is imbued with a shade and memory of the epic tales of yore. The world is filled with archetypal models that appear and reappear, creating an echo of resonance across time and space, sweeping up […]

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