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Encounter Card Dividers Update #1

It’s been a little while since I’ve had time to properly organize my storage box for my encounter cards but this weekend I’ve gotten a chance to dust off the flatbed scanner and open up Photoshop to create dividers for the latest expansion boxes and print-on-demand scenarios.  For all you completionists out there, I’m sorry […]

Encounter Card Dividers

For some time here, I thought the “Blood of Gondor” had failed and was spent and forgotten.  But finally, months after fortunate GenCon attendees were able to get their hands on the latest adventure pack of the “Against the Shadow” cycle, I’ve finally got my chance to take on the mysterious Black Númenorean and his malevolent […]

Player Card Binder

While I think that writing in-depth card features will continue to be my primary niche in the LOTR LCG community, but like Bilbo heading out his door at Bag End, I’m going to try venturing forth with some other types of content from time to time at the Master of Lore blog. Some of you […]

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