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Although appearing in just one scene in the book, the Rivendell minstrel Lindir has become an internet sensation thanks to Peter Jackson’s film adaptations. In Tolkien’s “Many Meetings”, Lindir teases Bilbo after the hobbit sings the “Song of Eärendil”, claiming he can’t tell which parts were written by Bilbo and which by Aragorn since Elves […]

Custom Card: Tom Bombadil

Warning: If you find Tom Bombadil annoying, pointless, or otherwise bizarre, keep reading. Your suspicions will either be further confirmed or washed away completely. When the Black Riders expansion was announced, I got excited. We were starting our way into the actual adventures as carried out by Frodo and his conspiracy of friends. But the question loomed, […]

Old Forest Road

There is nothing quite like the feeling of the first step of any grand adventure.  The first day of a new job or new school year; loading up the suitcase for a flight or road trip to a new destination; or, in the case of our beloved collectible game, ripping the plastic off a fresh […]

For Gondor!

NOTICE: For maximum thematic enjoyment, play this compilation of every Gondor cue in The Lord of the Rings soundtrack from A Magpie’s Nest as you read my article about the White Tree.  Enjoy! A solitary stately horn blows a noble note as Lord Boromir stands at the Council of Elrond.  “By the blood of our […]

The Hand of Castamir

For an avid fan of the Tolkien legendarium and The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game, few statements can stoke anticipation for the next round of adventure packs like these words from Lead Developer Caleb Grace: “Our second goal for the Against the Shadow cycle was a little more ambitious.  We really wanted to […]

Daughter of the Nimrodel

With a growing card pool offering so many places to begin our journey, the first card choice is not easy.  It would seem fitting to our quest to begin somewhere among the cards from the Lore sphere of influence in the Core Set though, as this would be closest to our metaphorical home within the […]

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