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Narvi’s Belt

Elves and Dwarves.  They are the Hatfields and McCoys of Middle-earth.  Their grudge match runs deeper than the Yankees versus the Red Sox, features more characters than DC versus Marvel, and has more products in dispute than Apple versus Samsung.  Their selective recollection of history brings to mind Israel and Palestine while their rivalry has […]

Greetings and Goals

Although Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit film is currently winding down its theater run, his mega-budget fantasy action trilogy is bound to keep all things Tolkien blooming before us for the foreseeable future.  From books to bobbleheads, video games to glassware, and costumes to collectibles like the living card game this blog will discuss, there is […]

Numidian Prime

A site dedicated to analyzing the history and connections that bind the Star Wars galaxy

Vision Of The Palantir

In depth analysis of quests and strategy guides for LOTR LCG

Cave of Gollum

A Lord of the Rings LCG Blog

Mythos Busters

Investigating the Mystery, Monsters, and Madness of Arkham Horror: The Card Game