Gondorian Fire is a card that captures a feeling of raw, massive, elemental power. Framed in the red border of the aggressive Tactics sphere, Michael Rasmussen’s artwork portrays a lone archer standing poised at a battlement beside a flaming cauldron. There is a single fiery arrow nocked in his bow. Sailing up the river behind […]


One thing is clear about all of Tolkien’s writings: less is more. Referring to Tom Bombadil in a letter, the Professor wrote: “As a story, I think it is good that there should be a lot of things unexplained (especially if an explanation actually exists)” So it is with many of the characters and places […]


As our heroes flee their “Trouble in Tharbad” and head deeper into the land of Eregion, we also venture as deep as we have ever been into the obscure lore of Professor Tolkien’s world. Although the chief enemy of “The Nîn-in-Eilph” adventure pack is an Ancient Marsh-dweller, in fact, the swampy arena of our boss […]


Here we are, a few weeks after the official drop of The Road Darkens saga expansion, and I am loving all the new cards — encounter and player alike! And love it or hate it, Gandalf has gotten some serious attention in this box with the addition of his hero iteration and his new ‘toys’. One […]


We are all excited about the release of The Road Darkens in just a week or two, and the latest article by Caleb over on Fantasy Fight’s website only whet the appetite even more! One of the Boons to be included in this epic Saga Expansion is Andúril, Flame of the West, Aragorn’s sword reforged from […]


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHTi8LK5UGc It was a truly great experience attending GenCon 2014. I got to meet my fellows in The Grey Company, along with the gentlemen of the COTR podcast, lots of other great players, and the designers of our game (Caleb & Matt). A real regret, though, was not playing more LOTR. As you can imagine, a […]


The Bree folk were always there…or so they say. The Lord of the Rings tells us that, according to their own tales anyway, the Men of Bree were the original inhabitants and were the descendants of the first Men that ever wandered into the West. This might put them somewhere in the same family as […]

Here you go, Turch.

However it may prove, one must tread the path that need chooses! – Gandalf, The Fellowship of the Ring With The Three Trials, Fantasy Flight has taken their development of Middle-earth’s lore to a new level, fleshing out the culture and history of the Dunlendings with Tolkien-esque details to create a rich and immersive play […]

MEC09_256_Vast and Intricate_89_EricBraddock

This past week I’ve been working on a new project to enrich players’ thematic experience. After receiving a positive response on Facebook to my little map for The Dunland Trap, I decided to begin creating an atlas featuring maps for the other scenarios as well. While I’ve only finished the Core Set and first two […]


Eärendil was a mariner that tarried in Arvernien; he built a boat of timber felled in Nimbrethil to journey in; her sails he wove of silver fair, of silver were her lanterns made, her prow was fashioned like a swan, and light upon her banners laid. Thanks to Ian’s brilliant First Age expansion, I’ve gone back […]

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